Guidebook FAQs

For this year’s conference, we made sure that and question surrounding Guidebook, our conference’s mobile guide, were answered. Below you will find some of the most asked questions about the app. Have any more? Tweet us, or shoot us a email at See you at the conference!

1.  Why should I use Guidebook? 

Empowering you to connect with people from all backgrounds, Guidebook allows you to organize and reflect on your experience at the beautiful Asilomar Campgrounds, and create a personalized schedule of the specific workshops you wish to attend!

2. How do I get the app on my phone? 

Download guidebook by searching for it in Apple/Google store as Guidebook. Open app, answer few questions, search for “2018 CMHACY” guide, and hit download.

3. What are the benefits of the App?

Whether you’re posting your favorite photos with friends in the Interact section, or providing your best feedback in the “Feedback’ section, you’ll love the feeling of always being up to date.

4. How can my agency make best use of this during our time? 

However you want. Guidebook is your conference toolbox. Checkout some of our favorite features such as interact, Feedback, and scheduling.

5. What should I do with the Guide upon arriving at the conference? 

Customize it. Chose workshops, connect with friends, and share your favorite photos (with a chance to win prizes).

6. How can I tell my friends who are coming about the guide? 

Simply send them the link to the conference’s guidebook download, and it will walk them through the entire process.

7. How do I provide workshop feedback

We have a comprehensive feedback feature that allows you to reflect on your full CMHACY experience. We really value your feedback to tailor the conference to best suit our member’s needs.

8. What are the best features to use in the Guide?

One of our favorite features for this year’s conference is Interact, a networking tool that allows you to connect with new colleagues and organizations you meet. Explore more, and let us know which is your favorite.

From your friends at CMHACY. Thank you.