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  • Announcement From The Board

    Hi! We are seeking to consolidate into a single not-for-profit an organization that can accept grants from foundations and tax-deductible charitable contributions from in...

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  • Goodbye from the Joneses

    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. We have been the Conference Coordinators for CMHACY for 28 years. When we started, the conference was smaller and both we and our children were...

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  • Youth Committee Changes

    Part of CMHACY’s mission has always been to uplift the voices of parents, families, and youth. In 2004 the groundbreaking youth-lead mental health organization Youth In...

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The CMHACY Mission

Our Mission is to expand and empower the coalition of individuals in California who work to uplift and enhance the lives of all children, youth and families.

Entitlement of Service

Providing service to seriously emotionally disturbed children and youth.

Cost Effective

Helping to provide a fully funded comprehensive mental health system.

Statewide Standards

Common policy and standards allowing for local flexibility and accountability.

Interagency Collaboration

Cooperation is a crucial requirement for successful change.

Promote Prevention

A strong focus on early intervention.

Community Based

Emphasizing co-location of services with other agencies and schools.

Child First Approach

Serving children in the environment least restrictive to the child’s needs.

Full Continuum of Care

Includes residential services within family proximity.


California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth

The only statewide voice for children’s mental health in the state of California. CMHACY is a diverse association of citizens dedicated to advancing children’s mental health services in California. Formed in 1980 by people who saw the need to focus attention on children’s issues, CMHACY has grown into a large and broad-based coalition of persons deeply concerned with the mental health needs of California’s vulnerable children and youth.

CMHACY is a strong champion for children in the legislative and public policy arenas. We are frequently identified in legislation as an organization with whom policy makers should consult, and are increasingly included on task forces and work groups. Through public testimony, newsletters, position papers and an annual statewide conference, we strive to educate and influence decision makers affecting vulnerable children.

CMHACY is a tax exempt, non-profit, educational organization.

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