Youth Focus: 1st Through 5

A Focus On Our Youngest Children
California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth (CMHACY), going into its 38th annual conference, is the oldest and most well know mental health conference for children and youth in the state. It is “the place to go” for parents, youth, public and private service providers, administrators, policy makers and legislators who want to hear, speak out and learn about the most current practices, programs and policies that effect our children, youth and their families. The ambiance is very, warm, welcoming and casual. Regardless of where people may be in the hierarchy, everyone is in jeans and flannel shirts.
This year’s conference is unique in that we have never had so many submissions for Birth to Five workshops. Seven, out of many, were selected to represent the best in the state in service of our youngest children. In addition, Dr. Kiti Randall will be one of the keynote speakers. Dr. Randell is an expert in early brain development and a national speaker.
If you are in the field of prevention and early intervention for our youngest children please don’t miss this year’s conference. For more information about the speaker and the workshops relevant to birth to five children see here.

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