Goodbye from the Joneses

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

We have been the Conference Coordinators for CMHACY for 28 years. When we started, the conference was smaller and both we and our children were much younger. We have organized the registration, catered events, workshops, audio visual, and the relationship with Asilomar. And we go to the monthly Board Meetings. Best of all, we see you every year at Asilomar.

We love CMHACY, what it does, and you, the people who come. Many of you have only come a couple times, and seen us in operation, but some of you have known us for years and have watched our children grow up – as they come every year to help. They come in from Montana, Norway, Lafayette Louisiana, and the north bay, where we live. It’s a working family reunion. There have also been friends who are regulars in the back of Merrill. They are all family

We will have a Jones Family Farewell Book to sign in the back of Merrill, and we can hug and say goodbye. You have been a wonderful part of our lives.

In the photo, left to right, we are, Audrey, Brian, Ronald, Sandra Lee, and Allen. Not pictured are Janet, Josh, Daniel, Lilly, Creed, Monty, Carl, Barbara, Charly, Charlie, Nola, and Margie.

All our best. You are wonderful people.

See you at Asilomar!

The Jones Family

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