CMHACY Clarifies Authorship and Publication of Recent CCR Article by Mr. Lee Collins

As CMHACY moves forward to advocate for children and families, we have expanded our presence in the public arena via a series of blogs and greater use of social media. From time to time we will invite guest authors to share their opinions about important and controversial subjects that the CMHACY Board of Directors finds relevant. We may also post similar articles that were printed elsewhere, with author’s permission. These posted opinions do not reflect CMHACY opinion but rather is our attempt to offer a platform where various (even opposing) opinions can be expressed with the hope that entities with different positions will weigh in on our blog. Finally, we may post our own perspective and opinions on similar issues, which we have recently started to do.

In posting the article written by Mr. Lee Collins one week ago we failed to clearly report that the article was, in fact, written by him and originally published in the Chronicle of Social Change, a well-respected child welfare journal. Mr. Collins is the director of the San Luis Obispo Department of Social Services. We did reach out and solicit other perspectives on CCR and will post them as we receive them. In the meantime, we are removing the post but including the link to it below.

CMHACY’s intent is to spotlight the implementation and impact of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) and provoke a healthy dialog about this complex and massive policy initiative which will radically change children welfare services and mental health care in California.
Over the next few weeks we will focus on CCR with the hope that increased awareness and understanding of CCR might actually help assure that it realizes its potential.

Read Mr. Collin’s article here.

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