Registration for the 2017 CMHACY Conference opens February 15th

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2017 CMHACY conference will open tomorrow, February 15th.  You will notice that there are several new sections in the registration process, which will ask for additional information.  Each of these new sections has been developed to assist the CMHACY Board and Friends to better understand the needs and interests of pre-conference and conference attendees. The information will then be used in the planning of future speakers, workshops, and conference events.


The additional sections include:

Preconference registration:

If you register for the pre-conference, you will be asked to identify which pre-conference you will be attending:

  • Youth
  • Parent/Caregiver
  • Education
  • Provider/County


Identification of stakeholder category:

You will be asked to self-identify with which stakeholder group you are affiliated.  When you register, you can select more than one, or you can decline to state.  Categories include:

*          Youth

*          Bio parent

*          Foster parent

*          Adoptive parent

*          Other caregiver

*          Other family member

*          Private agency (provider _______;

*          Private agency (administrator __________)

*          County behavioral health (provider _______; administrator __________)

*          County social services (provider _______; administrator __________)

*          County probation (provider _______; administrator __________)

*          County health care agency (provider _______; administrator __________)

*          Physical Health Provide

*          Elected official (Office________)

*          Educator NPS

*          Educator Public School

*          Educator Charter School

*          Education administrator (NPS__;Public___;Charter___)

*          Law enforcement

*          Other

*          Decline to state


Thank you for your patience as we have made these improvements to the registration process.

As a reminder:  Housing on the Asilomar conference site is limited.  We encourage you to register for both the pre-conference/conference and Asilomar housing at your earliest convenience.

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