Stop Stigma Sacramento Calls for Art


Sacramento County has released the following notice, calling for artwork from individuals with mental health needs or from those who care for them (including parents and caregivers).  Accepted artwork will be displayed throughout the county during May – Mental Health Month.  We encourage our CMHACY friends and readers who live in Sacramento County to submit their artwork for this display. Find the call for art here:


For those of you outside of Sacramento County, please forward any similar notices to us so we can update the readers on MHSA and Mental Health Month activities happening throughout the state.


Notices can be forwarded to:


P.S.: CMHACY will be hosting a youth led Art Meets Beat night at the upcoming CMHACY Conference on the evening of May 18. Additional information will be published soon.  In the meantime, please contact Jeremiah McWright at or Susan Manzi at if you are interested in participating in the CMHACY art event.


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