Welcome Dinner

Would you like to learn more about the history and opportunities available at the conference? SIGN UP FOR THE WELCOME DINNER!

The Welcome Dinner is scheduled to begin at 5:15 on Wednesday night, May 17th.

During the welcome dinner, you will have an opportunity to meet CMHACY board members and friends of the board, some of which have been involved with CMHACY throughout the 37-year history.

These leaders will provide information about:

  • CMHACY History, Mission, and Vision
  • Opportunities for CMHACY members to learn more about mental health services for youth and families throughout California
  • Example of best practices and quality programs
  • Who to call for help and guidance
  • How to get the most benefits from the conference
  • A better understanding that CMHACY is about each participant – and the connections you will make

Board members and friends will join each table for informal conversations intended to answer your questions and connect you to others with similar interests.

  • Ask questions about CMHACY
  • Discuss what you would like to get out of the conference
  • Get to know each other- develop friendships-exchange contact information

It is important that we get an accurate count of individuals who plan on joining the Welcome Dinner by May 1st.

  1. If you DID NOT sign up for the Welcome Dinner when you registered, but you would like to attend, please email the registrar: and ask to be added to the list of attendees.
  2. If you DID sign up for the Welcome Dinner when you registered but no longer want to attend, please email the registrar: and ask to be removed from the list of attendees.